Something doesn't seem right

Hey ladies so my husband and i been together for 8 in half years we been married for 3 years. We have a baby boy hes 21 months old. So idk if its me being a cry baby about it or what..

For some reason my husband hasn't really been that loving with me. And what annoys me too is that I've talked to him over and over about it. And like what makes me mad is that he's not loving as much with my son.

He's a good dad he provides us and he is not bad he buys stuff for me and my son you know.

But the last couple of months he hasnt showed any affection like love affection we havent made love for about 3 weeks usually we do it 2 days of the week lol.

But i feel like were kind of drifting apart. What i dont like about him is..

1. He doesn't introduce me to his friends ... Ever.. Which it kinda bugs me? And forgetting about your wife?

2. He does not show affection

3. He doesn't hold my hand or waste when we go out.

4. He doesn't wear our wedding ring

(Because he doesnt like jewelry)?

5. He bought a new wallet through out our pic family in the trash. He says.. We have a lot of fam pics in our drawers.

6. He thinks he's doing everything

I just feel like he doesn't involved me at all... I sat down. And talk to him about all of these things that i just wrote. I feel like shit all the time? I feel unappreciated. I feel like im nothing to him. I feel like he only wants me here because he doesn't want to be lonely.. He's in the military. We barely spend time together and my dad is out here to visit 1 a month and we used to gonout and be loving and have fun and go have some drinks with friends.

Now its like were nothing i feel empty idk... He never concerns about the baby as much. Im the only one that tskes my child to his appt i stay home as a mom. I clean and cook and take care of my child all day and i dont mind at all.. I just dont understand and i check his phone idk if he erases it or what. He never used to take his phone in thr bath room idk... But he started his new job and idk maybe there someone he likes at his job he doesn't want to tell me and sometimes he use to take me to his events at his work and now he doesn't invite me he just goes and he doesnt do anything with me.

I just feel like he doesn't see me he is stressed out over the little of things

Please respect me and understand what I am coming from.

Thank you ladies