I just need help


I try and try to keep our flat clean. I'm fighting through morning sickness and fatigue and migraines. I try to keep everything looking nice but it's just impossible.

I have a boyfriend that is wonderful and lovely and looks after me. But he's quite happy to sit in his own mess. He doesn't realise the flat is a mess or it doesn't click in his head it needs tidying. I try to get him to help and he will help once when I ask, but he doesn't keep it up. There's no effort to keep the place tidy. He'll eat something and leave the plate or a wrapper on the coffee table.

Or he'll use a tissue and leave it on the sofa. I can't keep running this place by myself. I struggled before being pregnant but now it's even harder.

I'm sitting here trying not to cry whilst he's out at a friend's place. I get that he has his time out with mates and it's only once or twice a week.

But I just can't cope anymore. Not with the animals we have to look after too. The gerbils and the cat and the rabbit all need taking care of. There's just so much to do 😭

Sorry this was a bit of a rant, I just needed to talk..