Why am I like this?

So my boyfriend and I were having a discussion. He told me that I say one thing and I mean another. For example: I like surprise gifts like a card or a flower. We’ve been dating for almost a year. I haven’t gotten anything up until a couple of weeks ago as a surprise(rose flower). I mention it a couple of times throughout our relationship that I like that. He kept saying I can’t afford it right now because I’m saving for my own place so I left it alone.(He said he doesn’t mind doing it) Soon after he got his own place he had an accident and was out of work for a while. So when he got back up on his feet after a while I mentioned it again. He got mad because I brought it up so I’m just leaving it alone all together.

Another scenario: I like going on dates sometimes. But the past couple of months we haven’t went on one because of his accident. He feels like I’m bugging him because I asked to go on dates ever since he got back up on his feet. He would rather chill at his house and watch tv. I like that too but I would like to go on dates sometimes. But then I say I understand where you are coming from about saving money etc. so I leave it alone and maybe I bring it up like a couple of weeks later (I am paying for the dates since he wants to save money) I just want to get out of the house. We’ve been chilling at the house since his injury since January of 2019. I want to get cute and go out sometimes. I would say let’s go to the park but it’s 100degrees where we live.

Side note: we had a talk on our relationship he said that he feels kinda of loved and appreciated. (We are going to talk on person tomorrow) I think I kinda know why because I’m in school and I’m working 12 hours 3 or 4 days a week. So we don’t spend time together as much as we use too. Tbh.. I’m stressed because of school.. I’m not trying to make him feel that way on purpose.

But I’m not blaming everything on him I’m giving y’all examples. But why am I like this I say one thing but I mean another?

Idk maybe it’s because he is kinda of mean and been verbally aggressive lately. Maybe I’m scared of what he is going to say.