Pregnant and sick and tired of boyfriend.

So I am 29 weeks pregnant. Let’s just say I’m starting to think have a child with my boyfriend is the worst thing I could be doing. Now before anyone jumps and says oh well you should have used protection I DID I was on the paragaurd iud and still got pregnant. Well any ways. I bust my ass constantly at work 40 plus hours a week for a job that treats me like shit. I am constantly coming home to cook and clean when I should be relaxing my huge swollen feet. Well my boyfriend literally has one “chore” to do and it’s the laundry because I’m too fat and short to reach into the washer to get the clothes out. Well it took him 2 FUCKING weeks to even start the laundry that he started Saturday morning and didn’t finish until Monday because he decided to go ride his motorcycle around with friends. Okay cool but can’t you just finish wtf you’re suppose to do. Then he had Monday off! While I went to work since I work in the medical field. You’d think he would finish the laundry and have the decency to put the clothes away. NOPE. There’s three bags of clothes sitting in the bed room. So this morning he starts raising his fucking voice while I’m asleep trying to get rest before I work late tonight and he’s bitching that the clothes aren’t put away.

EXCUSE ME?!!! He really has the nerve to bitch that the clothes aren’t put away. So of course me being hormonal and just fed up I’m laying in bed crying not saying a damn thing. Then he asks me why I’m crying. Oh I don’t know your raising your voice at 6:30 in the morning and slamming closet doors and saying that these clothes better be put away by the time you get home because your “tired of this”. You’re tired of this?! I’m tired of constantly having to bust my ass at work to pay EVERY BILL, while you work a small ass 20 hours if that a week. You get fucking days off I don’t!! I’ve been up since 1 am puking and having the runs but guess who doesn’t get to call out of work. ME!! Because I’m saving my time for maternity leave.

Then he has the audacity to say I flip on him yesterday. Bro I texted you telling you I’m stressing out because you don’t help with bills like your suppose to. Of course I have EVERY right to complain about that because I have nothing saved for this baby that we BOTH created! I am seriously at my wits end. I hate feeling like I’m not enough or don’t do enough because all I do is work, come home cook, and clean but he can’t even out freaking laundry away.

I am so tired of raising someone else’s son.