My niece is currently in hospital with severe period pain. She’s only 12-years-old. 😢😩

I’ve had really awful periods, since I was 10-years-old. There’s no reason for it (no endo, no PCOS) I am just one of those people who vomit and cry and can’t walk or do anything on the first day of my period except curl up in a ball with 4 hot water bottles, load up on water and pain killers and wait for it to pass.

It looks like my niece is following in my footsteps rather than my sister (who doesn’t really get much pain at all).

She is currently in hospital after screaming in agony. She has no pants on because it’s too painful for her. I really hope they can do more for her at the hospital than they did for me when I was growing up. 😣

I hate seeing my niece and nephew in pain.