Pregnant but scared


So I’m 8 weeks 3 days pregnant going by the app, I have my first scan tomorrow. Having it early because I had a miscarriage last year, so I wanna be sure everything is growing as it should be etc.

I can’t even explain how scared I am... I’m terrified..

I keep thinking I’m going to go there and they say there’s nothing there or it’s stopped growing.

I’ve cried many times today just thinking about it.

Last year I was 3 months and started spotting my midwife sent me to the emergency room just to get it checked out and they gave me a scan. Turned out my baby stopped growing at 5 weeks.. I had no symptoms if there ever being any problems, I think from what I remember ym symptoms I was experiencing just toned down to nearly nothing but I thought it was down to coming to the end of the first trimester.

So yeah I’m extremely scared this time very wary.

I will say tho I was in medication for acne last year that you should never take while ttc, I was trying i just feel pregnant.

The medication can harm a baby and it’s important to stop taking it for atleast 3 months before ttc. I think that was the cause but it’s still heartbreaking.

Anyone else feeling like this?.