Help.. Please *update with pics*

I've had this intermittent burning pain between my buttocks right below the vaginally opening for two months. I went to my gynecologist and she said dry skin. It didn't go away I went to a follow up and they said yeast infection. I took the medication and it's still there.

I went to a dermatologist today and he insists its herpes. I've never had blisters, lesions, or scabs. I've also never heard of having herpes outbreaks for two months straight where the pain comes and goes throughout the day. He said that every time someone comes in with those symptoms down there. that's what he diagnoses but he wasn't sure and it was best to tell myself it isn't herpes. He also said he was prescribing a steroid cream and acyclovir as a prophylactic measure just in case. I found out he just graduated dermatology school last year.

Can someone please help? I'm going back to see my gynecologist tomorrow to have testing done to make sure.