FWB=Bad Friend?

My best friend and I have had this rule since we met that we can’t date guys the other has dated before. But here’s the thing: she dated one of my best guy friends at the time. But by the third week of their relationship, she got bored and ended up cheating on him emotionally with somebody else. He broke up with her and he and I didn’t speak for a year. It really sucked.

In the beginning of this year, we had the same class (ex boyfriend and I) and needless to say, our friendship felt like all we did was put it on pause. But something was definitely different. There was tons of sexual tension in the air. He had just broken up with his gf and I had just broken up with my bf, and for some God knows why reason, somethings been between us for the past month.

We got to hanging out again and realized that we like each other. But here’s the thing- we’re not relationship people. So last night, after he gave me a ride home from Starbucks, he texted me asking me if I’d be interested in fwb. I told him I’d think about it, but I really want to dive right in. Of course the only thing stopping me is the fact that my best friend dated him. Then again, she didn’t like him towards the end of the relationship and willingly cheated on him, bragging about it to all her friends.

I don’t think I’d necessarily want to date him, but I’m down for some no strings attached stuff.

I guess I just want to know if what I’m thinking of doing makes me a bad friend. I feel terrible for even thinking about doing it but honestly, if the roles were reversed, she wouldn’t hesitate. Thoughts?