i want to scream and cry.

I haven’t even lost my virginity and but it feels like I’m pregnant. I know that sounds impossible but I keep freaking out that his pre ejaculate slipped through 4 layers of clothing or something. I got my period and it was short and lighter than usual and it came 6 days earlier than the month before (it was still enough blood to fill pads but it’s never been that short). I’m now supposed to be getting my next period soon. I had cramps for three days and sore boobs without a drop of blood. I now have no cramps and I’m waiting on my period still. I usually only have cramps the day before and two days while on it. I’m freaking out so much and I’ve been having weird symptoms ever since then :( PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO EDUCATE MYSELF. IVE READ EVERY ARTICLE ONLINE AND THERES MIXED MESSAGES. help me calm down please.