Grown resentful that I always have to pay

I don't mind paying. at all. I want an equal relationship. However, i've been paying for EVERYTHING for me and my boyfriend for 3 months now. When I'm not there he even asks me to get him food on uber eats. He has recently started asking me to pay his bills. We live seperately and I'm in college. I don't have much money. He hasn't had a job in over 3 months. I don't see how he hasn't gotten one despite him telling me he's "trying". I really do love him and want to be with him but I don't know what to do anymore. He gets mad when I try to talk about it. I hope it is a rough patch for him and I'm telling myself it is but I can't tell anymore. He has never really taken me on a date and actually planned it so it makes me doubtful. I'm here visiting for a week right now before I start my new job in my hometown (home for the summer). I asked him to plan me something for us to (and I'd even pay if it involves money) and he didn't. He told me him eating me out for 3 minutes when I got here was my surprise. We have just sat here and played video games and slept because he won't help me plan anything. I've spent so much this week just on feeding us because he doesn't keep food here. I'm at a loss and just needed to vent.