Triploidy Missed Miscarriage


I had a missed miscarriage in November of 2018 at 18 weeks (baby stopped developing at 15) We did not get testing done. She would have been 2 months old now. We lost another baby, this time a boy, at 10 weeks 2 weeks ago (mid-May 2019). This time, we got testing done and it was triploidy. My heart is broken and I’m having so much fear about the future. I’ve always wanted babies. I’m 30 years old. We have been referred to a genetics doctor. They said it might be “bad luck”, but will do some more tests to see if there’s more we can find out. I’m so curious, wondering if the first miscarriage was due to the same thing. This is a very difficult road to walk in our first year of marriage. I’m a stepmom to a precious 6 year old boy, but sometimes the pain of my husband having a child with someone else, while mine keep passing away inside of me, is a lot to handle. Wondering if anyone can relate. I want to do anything I can to help this not to happen again.