Bashing (GLOW HELP ME OUT!!!😩)


So I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant with my third, I am 25 going on 26 years old. I’m a pharmacy technician and I have a good paying job right now , I’m neither rich nor poor, I’m stable. I just got my first apartment , I have 2 boys that are 5 and 3. They both have the same father but this baby has a different father. Me and the boys dad had issues for a while but we just recently broke it off a couple of months ago. The guy that I’m seeing now has a 3 month old daughter with a heart defect but him and his daughters mother aren’t together . They are having some custody issues right now. I am writing this post because I’m lost I’m confused I’m hurt I’m in pain I just have no idea what to do and I feel literally like a piece of shit or that I’m dying 😔 with all the pregnancy symptoms then this. So I just told my mom about a week ago that I was pregnant and needless to say she is livid. She is just not supportive of my decision to keep this baby at all. Like I know it is not under the best circumstances right now but I just wish she’d stop making me feel like shit she texts me everyday yelling at me telling me not to do this and saying she’s not going to respect me and not support my decision and saying I’m selfish and asking me what about my other sons and how it’s not fair to them I just don’t know what to do ! Out of all people to judge you

You would never think it would be your mom 😩 I would post the messages but I don’t know how to all at the same time.