I have so much hate for this man!!!

My moms been through alot, had 2 kids with a cheater during a time where we were so poor living in a small village.

She somehow was able to move here, work 12 hours a day, save enough money to bring me and my brother here.

Now she lives in her own home, stable career, everything shes ever wanted apart from a good relationship.

Shes had men walk all over her, use her and her knowledge to help them get houses, cars, open up buisnesses etc.

Most of these men have been abusive and manipulative one even turned into a stalker and sending death threats because she didnt want to be with an abusive man anymore.

Shes put up with so much shit!!

3 years ago she met a new man, she fell for him when he finally got rid of her ex stalker, he caught her ex in our porch listening in and he dealt with it, her ex was never seen again by us.

He had a great attitude, even i fell for it and i never liked any of moms boyfriends like ever but i liked him, he was the one for her.

Mom let him move in after 6 months, his from the same country as us and doesnt have the english language so mom helped him go from charity bag collection to getting his labourer card and now works in construction, self emplpyed, opened a bank account for him, done his tax returns for him and everything.

They got a new car, on moms name as he has no license and he helped with payments towards it.

She gets pregnant and his whole attitude changes, he starts calling mom lazy, getting fat, he even started letting himself go, stopped hiding how much he drinks which turns out his an alcoholic, stopped brushing his teeth, even i could smell his breath across the room so mom was even turned off by him and didnt want to touch him, he started going on at me and my brother, calling us names too, we would be fine but the second he comes home were all quiet and tip toeing around him.

Their son is 11 months now and he disapeared drinking for a night again for the 10th time, come back and fell asleep in moms bed still in work clothes and pissed himself in bed, mom was so disgusted and they had the worst argument to date, throwing things and shouting at eachother, she asked him to leave multiple times but he wouldn't leave so i stepped in and forced him to go.

Then he starts demanding money from mom, £3,000, threatening her for it and everything, she hasnt got the money so she offers the car, she'll carry on paying for her credits that payed for the car but he can have the car.

She drove the car to him, obviously he was happy and excited for it, mom went to an address shes never heard of before, while signing the new ownership papers she looks over and theres another woman watching out the window so so happy!!

Mom just smiled at her and walked away when it was done.

But the other woman is an explanation of why he was always accusing mom of lying qnd cheating, hiding his phone at all times and demanding to see moms phone daily.

I hate hate him so much!

Shes cancelled the insurance on the car as its not her problem anymore and road tax so he cant even use the car, especially without a license.

Moms just happy his gone and shes now got a cute little son even though shes already been through the single parenting before.

*edit- the car was fully paid for with a loan mom took out from the bank, so technically she needs to pay off the loan not the car, and given her history with the police she has no faith in them anymore as her stalker broke in with a carpet knife and we called them after he left and the police didnt do anything, social services turned up blaming mom for putting us in danger, and given her ex's voilent past and witnessing him break his cousins nose and giving him black eyes and smashing things in this house she believes this was the only way as he promised to leave us alone once he got the money but his much more happier with the car. He doesnt care about his child now either so theres no reason to get custody just yet.

The car is now on his name, the papers are now sent off as him being the new owner so if he does anything with it, its not on her anymore.