Pediatric Gastroenterologist


My daughter started having blood in her stool at 6 weeks. She's breastfed and they said to eliminate all traces of dairy in my diet as that is the most common cause of blood in the stool. After a week dairy free it cleared up. 3 weeks later it is back and much worse. I haven't had any dairy, and I'm positive because I cook all my own food. I eat gluten free for myself and practically no soy (i am sure there is still trace soy in my diet from preservatives but her dr said that should not be the issue. The blood came back Monday and she had her 2m apt Tues morning. Her dr was very concerned about it and said she needs to see a specialist to make sure it's not something worse. Typically when they refer you, you literally walk out of the exam room and in to the specialty schedulers office and she gets the referral clinic on the phone and schedules it while you're still in office. However their specialty scheduler is on vacation, so they said one of the other clinics specialty schedulers would call me. Wednesday morning I still hadn't heard. So I called just to follow up and it turns out her dr forgot to put the referral in. Super frustrating. So they say they're going to send it high importance to make sure scheduling gets ahold of me same day. This morning I called again right at 7am to find out what's going on and the phone triage basically tells me i'm overreacting and it's only been 2 days. Excuse me, my two month old infant is shitting blood in every diaper and you're annoyed with me trying to advocate for her? It would be different if I haven't been through the referral process with this clinic before and if I hadn't been told that it would be an urgent and quick follow up to get the appointment scheduled. I am so damn frustrated and worried about her. I'm not sure if I should just start calling ped GI clinics to get an appointment scheduled or if I should wait. Because I know they will get me in sooner with a referral, even though a referral is not needed. I'm worrying myself sick over here at every diaper change.