Co-sleeping transition

Shayla • Christopher J. Ferguson 8/19/15❤️ Gabriella E. Ferguson 3/26/18

My little girl has been sleeping with daddy on a bed on the floor since she was born. Her older brother sleeps on mom and dads bed with me (he has some severe anxiety and mental problems so I allow him to stay in bed with me). I really want her to start sleeping in her crib but whenever I try to get her to sleep in there she has a full blown tantrum and completely refuses. Daddy is an Emt/firefighter with 24hr work shifts and she hates sleeping with anyone but him so when it’s just me she tosses and whines all night which keeps me and her brother awake. I was hoping some mommies would have some advise on how to get her comfortable with sleeping alone in her room. She also still wakes for a bottle ATLEAST 3 times a night 😫