Sleep Aids


My baby girl is now 8 months and for the first 6 months she was only napping for 30 minutes at a time.

Once she hit 6 months she would nap for longer at home but only 30 minutes at daycare.

She didn’t seem to need the sleep as she wasn’t overtired or grumpy but she certainly seemed happier after a longer nap.

So I bought a gro Sleep friend. It plays white noise or music for 20 minutes and also has a baby sensor so if baby cries within a 3 hour window it will replay music/white noise. If it detects no sound in 3 hours it resets.

It also has the option to play a heart beat or nature sounds, has a light and varied volume settings.

This beauty has helped my baby girl have regular two hour naps both at home and daycare.

Definitely something to consider if you have a difficult sleeper.