Find out I’m pregnant ! N I’m blooding

They say the first stages of pregnancy you bleed .... 😑😑😑 And I am

Found out I was pregnant when we was having sex and I had caught a huge cramp I felt like I was going to died . So I stop what I was doing and laid down. I woke up the next morning early and went straight into the restroom and took a first response test and sure enough I was pregnant 🤰. So far I been having mid cramping and bloating I had went to the doctor and they I had did a pee test and blood test my HCG level was 1400 and they had did ultrasound and they was no sign of the baby so I guess I’m early. So far I started to blood clot a size of a penny and the doctor said they will keep a close eye on me to see how the baby is developing so far I’m going in tomorrow to see if we can see if the baby is where it’s supposed to be or in my tubes If the baby is in my tubes and it grows there ,then I can bleed to death and we don’t want that so wish me luck and don’t be confused about my emotional 😭