Just wanna share

So I finally after 4 years came out to my dad today. I didn't even plan to come out to him today or tomorrow lol. We had just dinner and were going to a movie "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" so after the movie we talked some random stuff, he were joking like always being a dad lol. So we talked about something I don't even know about what and then I accidentally said "faggot" I hated that I said accidentally because my dad always says that fucking word and I wanted to explain him that gay people don't wanna fuck him and I was like "what if I am faggot?" And he was shocked, laughed, was dizzy. But thank God it's fine. He asked couple times

if I am sure, I said yes 100%. He will need time to take all in but he said he loves me and accepts me. I won't come out to my other family members because I only care what my dad thinks, so finally I don't need to hide it from him, I'm happy with my come out. Happy pride beautiful people.