My mom is trying to demand my wedding cake !


Ok either I’m losing it or she is...

I originally wanted just my fiancé and I for our cake tasting for a romantic fun time to pick our cake with no one else involved.

My mom rained on that parade because she is paying for the banquet which supplies that cake cost.

Ok so fine she comes whatever,

BUT she spoke to my grandma which demanded certain cake flavors. My mom informed me that my wedding cake will be “white wedding cake” when I asked uh why, she said that it is the most expensive and it’s very tasteful.

So every Baker I have called compares it to angel cake... I HATE angel cake, literally super sweet super light just not for me, I actually enjoy a dense cake with a fruit preserve.

When I calmly told my mom hey just to let you know I really would like a cake that pairs nicely with preserves and a light butter cream she shot me down and said how this is what we are doing my money isn’t going to pay for a nasty ugly photo cake etc....

I’m just mind blown like isn’t the wedding cake supposed to represent my future husband and I? Or is it supposed to represent my mom and grandma?! 😂😭

What the actual fuck.

She has fought me on every step I have made, I don’t understand why everything becomes a fight with her. She doesn’t even want my fiancé to be at the tasting because she said why would a man want to waste their time...

my fiancé and I watch the baking network every single night when we go to bed, he’s obv interested and would love to be there for that special moment but that has been ruined already because my mom will be there.

she really has been a bridezilla through this entire process, I get married in 2 weeks and it’s like it’s not even my wedding.