Swollen feet - HELP! ๐Ÿ˜ž


My feet are so swollen all the time that I canโ€™t fit into any of my shoes - even my sneakers are super uncomfortable and tight. I have tried wearing my Tevas, but they are very strappy across the top and all the straps cut into me (if I can even get them on).

I went to Old Navy and bought some of their basic flip flops. They fit as far as the swelling, but are very uncomfortable as far as being unsupportive and leaving my feet just generally sore the next day.

Unfortunately, my life has been super busy lately, where I need to be on my feet quite a bit and canโ€™t just lay around, which I would love to do. Plus I want to keep moving as much as I can to help L&D eventually go smoothly.

All of this to ask - what are your shoe solutions for swollen feet? HELP!