Gonna blow 🤬😤 UPDATE


I recently found out a coworker has been telling people that I’m having problems/complications with my pregnancy and speaking on my unborn baby. She has no clue what she is in for, call it juvenile or whatever you wish but I’m not letting this slide. She is known for lying but she is also taking credit for helping me out during these “rough times”, we have no contact outside of work and barely have contact at work ( I’m a support staff for disabled adults). Just needed to vent I’m livid over the fact she thinks she can talk about me and my baby like she knows us, that’s a no no honey step back 😂

Update!! She came in late and I talked with her I asked her to not speak on my pregnancy or my child because she has no right and she was lying through her teeth. She got mad and said I was crazy and trying to get her fired because I was jealous of her (no sweetie you’re just a lunatic) anyways she decided to call the H.M and she got told the exact same thing from her to not speak on my pregnancy or child as well as telling her she had been given a write up. Well she didn’t like that she got confronted with a consequence also and she walked out. She has officially been fired! It was a wild shift, I kinda feel bad she got fired but she chose to walk out.