Should I lose my virginity?

I really need some advice. So I met this guy when I was living with my dad and NO GUY has made me feel like him ever! We just connected and he is super sweet.

Well, I had to move away and move back with my mom after the first semester of school was over cause stuff wasn’t working with my father 😒. He told me that if I didn’t leave that he would have wanted to be a thing with me, but I wanted to be a thing anyway and just didn’t voice it.

Well months go by, and during those months we text every now and then. Recently, I’ve been given the chance to go down there to visit a few friends. So I buy my ticket next week, and I let him now I was coming and he voiced how he would like to have sex when I come down there.

Now it wasn’t entirely his idea because I did encourage it a lot. Now I’m just scared that I might not be ready, or this may not be the right guy. Cause I don’t think he feels anything remotely to how I feel about him. I don’t think I can find a better guy to lose my virginity with but deeply I pride myself in being a virgin but I know I can’t stay one forever.

Ugh! What should I do??