Is it just my hormones or am I just being an impatient ass?

Mandy • 💏2012 🎀👶🏼2014 👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻2019 👼🏻

Ok this pregnancy my nerves have been shot to hell 10000% every little thing sets me off and I have says to where I get really bad anxiety for no reason at all. So when something happens to actually cause me anxiety I loose my mind!!!! We currently live with my in-laws while waiting to move into our new house which is a living nightmare it’s awful my mil is horrible she doesn’t respect privacy at all, she doesn’t listen at all like when I’m disciplining my 5 year old daughter she completely goes against me to look like the good guy but it just makes my daughter think what she did wasn’t wrong and like I’m just being mean we’ve been stuck for months cause the bank we did our loan through kept fucking things up and having to start all over again and the home owners wife just died and his mom is dying so he’s really tied up time wise so that’s slowed things up too but I mean that’s not his fault. Well we were FINALLY able to finalize on our house like 2 almost 3 weeks ago but my hubby was like “well let’s finish all the paint work we gotta do before we move in” and I mean I was annoyed and suggested we could still go ahead and move in and just finish the painting as we go but I agreed well now 2 or 3 weeks later all the painting is done, along with all the little repairs and what not. We’ve deep cleaned and done everything we need to do to move in but then today my husband was like oh well I wanna let off some bug bombs before we move in which again aggregated me since we haven’t seen a single big in or even near the house but whatever so I went and got the bug bombs and we just set them off. Is I asked my hubby “ok now can we PLEASE start moving in tomorrow?” Hubby “No I wanna deep clean everything again now that we did the bug bombs”!!! It took 1-2 weeks just to finish “deep cleaning” cause my hubby told his mom she could help and every time I’d clean something she’d go behind me and re do it which reallllllly pissed me off cause it was like I didn’t do it good enough it was like she was insulting my cleaning ability. Also I’ve got a very high risk pregnancy so I can’t move barely anything on my own and he works 6am-4pm all week so weekends are our only time to work on moving!!! I am so stressed I wanna cry I want to be in my home we’ve owned it for weeks now I want to go use the house we’re paying for instead of doing all this little tedious detail work that we could be doing after we move in while we’re already living in there. I had gotten so excited to start packing tomorrow only to be told we gotta wait more. I feel like he’s stalling like he doesn’t want to move