It’s a boy!!! 💙 Gender reveal story...


We had the best time today at our gender reveal! Honestly I didn’t want to do a big party. I didn’t want to plan or buy stuff or have to feed everyone! I just wanted to do something small but my husband insisted. Well we ended up having a party with almost 50 people today at our church and we played egg roulette to reveal and I’m so glad we did. The holder of the envelope is a friend from church and I only asked her to do the eggs but she went above and beyond with everything on her own! It was so much fun and so exciting. My husband gave me the biggest, longest bear hug and just cried in my shoulder when we found out and he’s not a cryer lol. It was the sweetest thing and I will never forget it. We have two girls already and I’m still in shock that we are having a baby boy!! We prayed so hard for him and are so grateful!

Now to think of a unique but not weird name for our little prince!?? 💙🤔