Family judgement..?

19 and a FTM. Recently my family members have been asking me if i’ve ever done things like change a diaper or give a baby a bath, swaddle or feed a baby and when i told them no they got rude and basically asked me how i expected to take care of my daughter once she’s born. I’m not sure why this is a shock to them because i am the youngest sibling and the youngest of all my cousins and family members so i’ve never been around children to physically learn. of course i know how to do it but i’ve just never physically done these things. I also don’t see how they are being so rude everyone has to start somewhere and learn at some point and with there being no babies around me how am i supposed to? i know once i have my daughter she will be very well taken care of and i’m sure with the help of the nurses i’ll be changing diapers and caring for her with no issues by the time i leave the hospital. Ugh just so frustrating