Jealousy issues? Kinda


My husband is in a band, lead singer and lead guitarist. It’s nothing serious, just something him and his buddies do for fun. They usually have about 1 show a month at local bars. I usually go unless I can’t find a sitter, I don’t even drink I just enjoy watching him play. But there’s always such slutty girls there and it drives me crazy. This one girl was wearing a full body fish net suit, with only a thong bodysuit on.. most of these girls look like they’re on their way to the strip club, which is fine do what you want. But they’re always playing in regular hole in the wall bars, it’s just weird to me to wear something like that there-anyway, He’s never inappropriate or flirty or even looks at them or shows them any attention, I never get mad at him. But they’re always throwing themselves at him and being so annoying. It just pisses me off. I know 100% he wouldn’t do anything, I just get so mad at the girls. Onetime I almost got physical with a chick after he already told her twice that he was married and not interested and she was still insisting he danced with her. Like, why do they have to be such sluts!? Like, I know he’s a cutie but make sure he doesn’t have a wife and kid before you throw your ass in his face maybe? And then continue to be a whore after you know he’s married?Jeez. I just feel so bitter and clingy getting so jealous about it and need to rant too.

Btw, I have no problem with him being in a band and playing shows occasionally. He loves it, and I love watching him. The only problem I have is the damn girls there lol. Which I know I can’t control, it’s just super annoying to me.

Here’s a picture cuz I like to brag 🥰