normal symptoms at 5-6 weeks?


hey ladies, found out i am pregnant this past friday! after trying for two years it just doesn’t feel real. i am honestly a nervous wreck because i’m so scared something is going to happen 😔 i know you have to think positive but it’s hard when i have health problems. i have pcos and hypothyroidism. my first prenatal app is this thursday so that’s relieving a bit of my anxiety. i just want to know if these symptoms are normal?

- dull cramping on and off, maybe 2x a day

- lower stomach pain when i sneeze or cough too hard


- sore boobs/nipples (this comes and goes it isn’t constant)

- HEARTBURN omg this is the one affecting me most, it’s almost 24/7 lol

- i feel a bit queasy at some points during the day but haven’t thrown up

- gas/constipation

- i feel what i can best describe as little twitches in my lower stomach occasionally but they aren’t painful

- sometimes my cervix feels really sensitive and tbh sex has been kind of uncomfortable