Nudes, Help PLEASE

I know it is so so stupid and horrible but my ex texted me, he broke my heart and all I want is for him to love me he started dating my bestfriend as soon as he left me ofcorse i dont speak to her anymore. He texted me and said he misses me he does that every few weeks and I always respond like an idiot believing every word, anyway he asked for pictures and videos... nudes and everything and well I was so desperate for him to love me that I sent them to make him happy. He screenshoted and now refuses to delete them and he blocked me and cut off all contact so I cant talk to him I'm so scared that he will leak them, I cant have anyone especially my super Christian family find out I dont know what to do, please no hate I know it was so stupid and I'll never do it again

Edit- I we are minors and i think my face was in one of them😳😕, I feel so so stupid but im trying to just not care