So mad. (Rant)


As of today I’ve had (about) 17 weekly progesterone shots. Almost every time the nurse says, “I’m going to inject is slowly because it’s really thick.” Today a nurse I’ve never had before did it and she seemed irritated that she had to and says, “we’ll do this quickly.” I’m thinking just the appointment in general so I say okay. Nope she jams the 2 inch needle in and just injects it all fast. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and my eyes just filled up with tears and i felt the instant burn. The whole way home and now 45 mins later it’s just burning. I pulled off my pants to just lay with an ice pack on it and I notice that the bandaid isn’t even on it properly and there is blood on the inside of the bandaid (never had that before). I’m going to just email my dr and tell her to please put it in my file that I never want that nurse to administer an injection for me ever again.

End rant.