The problem is me!

If find it hard to say no. It's getting harder as I am a first time mum to a baby boy who is 2 months old and live with my in laws.

My MIL is getting on my nerves by always been after me one way or another. I'd say no and than she'll say come back again in a different way and just to avoid conflict I'd say okay. And than brew inside myself 😣

I know it's me, the problem. But recently it's getting too much from her too, she tries to control me and my mothering. It's not that i let her all the time. But in general she is annoying me too my core. And I don't know how to create boundaries politely and say no without feeling guilty and awkward. I have always struggled with it. But I guess it's high time!

I am feeling low and irritated all the time. And stressed. She is affecting my mental health

I'm so calm and relax when she isn't around.

We will be moving out soon. My family is another country... How do I just ignore her? And not feel bad or awkward.

Set my boundaries.

Talking to my husband would not help in anyway.