Getting ready to tell my husband


I decided to take a pregnancy test today after being nauseous and extra emotional for the last two weeks. And it came back positive! So then I had to chug two more waters and immediately take another one and that was positive as well (not sure why I thought it would change lol).

I have a cricut so I decided to make a shirt and onesie to tell my husband we are pregnant and now I'm just waiting for him to get home. I'm so nervous and I'm not even sure why. He knew I wasnt on birthcontol and we decided not to use condoms anymore and just have fun but neither of us expected it to happen this soon. Heres the pictures of everything I made.

Update: I wasnt able to get a video because I was supper nervous. I ended up sobbing but he is very excited and happy. He walked right past it all at first because he only saw the onesie at first and thought it was a present for my best friend at first lol. Hes always sweet and loving but he has been even more so since telling him.