Who do I kiss?


So this is kind of a long story so bear with me my loves.

I have this friend, his name is Ben and he’s wonderful, blond hair, tan, naturally flirtatious, he’s honestly brilliant. For the past few weeks we’ve been flirting back and forth and it’s been great, as far as flirting goes.

Last weekend myself and a group of friends went ice skating, Ben was in this group of friends, we messed about on the ice, he teased me, we hung out and it was great. The next morning I went and watching his soccer game (he scored and it was really hot) anyway, that night we tried to pull an all nighter on facetime, to simplify this, I ended up confessing that I had feelings for him and he said he felt the same way towards me.

The next day, Ben and I went to the movies with another friend of ours, and let me tell you, it was terrible. The night before he had told me not to tell anyone what happened, to pretend like everything was normal or we would get pressured into dating. So I did just that, acted normally. But it was like he had completely cut me off.

He was doing little things, not making eye contact, lagging behind a little, bit making conversation, trying his best not to be alone with me and avoiding me in general. I was so confused as he had said LITERALLY THE NIGHT BEFORE that he had liked me for a few weeks and that we should just act normally.

I messaged him that night and asked if everything was okay, he answered me 15 hours later and said ‘yeah just a bit awkward’ like well buddy I’m trying my best here.

I spent all week trying to talk to him, he would sit away from me in class, he wouldn’t sit with our group anymore, if I messaged him he would either completely ignore them or open them and not respond. It’s driving me insane, because I like him and supposedly he likes me back but I don’t know what’s going on there.

Anyway onto the next part of the story. We recently got a new kid in our grade, his name is Jack. He’s pretty cool, really funny and flirty. He’s pretty chill I like hanging out with him.

I found out recently through a few friends that he likes me. As more then a friend.

Okay with the background information out of the way onto my actual problem.

This Friday our grade is having a party. It’s a dare night so when you get there you get a list of dares you have to complete and you get points for each one. I helped write the dares so I know for sure that everyone has a dare that asks them to kiss someone.

Jack recently boasted to one of my friends that he couldn’t wait to hook up with me and that he was so excited to get some action at this party.

I would love to kiss Jack, i dont have anything against him. But where does Ben come into this. I don’t want to hurt his feelings and I don’t want him to think I don’t like him anymore.

So my questions:

1. Should I kiss jack even though it might hurt Bens feelings

2. Should I chase after Ben and try and get some answers

3. Should I wait Ben our and see where time takes us

4. Do I move on from Ben and start perusing a relationship with Jack

5. Do I ignore all the drama and find someone else to focus on

Sorry if this was complicated and snaps for you if you made it to the end.

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated xxx