“Beautiful fat body”


I was typing “beautiful fat body” in the search tab in hopes to find positive messages about being a woman existing in a larger body but I ended up finding 2, while the rest were about women “feeling fat vs being pretty” and also trying to lose large amounts of weight, some for health reasons but most wanted either wanted to impress a man or because some of them felt “ugly” in a larger body.

With all that being said, I’m happy I’m in a much better space in terms of my body image but I know if I had just started my journey and saw nothing but negativity aimed at fat bodies I would feel horrible about myself so this post is basically just to tell any woman who identifies as BBW, plus size, fat or anything in between that you are so amazing. You’re blessed abundantly with so much beauty. Being in a bigger body doesn’t make you any less beautiful, worthy or capable than those who aren’t and if anyone tells you or makes you feel that way then they are blind to your greatness and need to leave. I just want everyone to remember that!!