Not sure what to do 😔

Sorry in advance for the long post everyone, I just don’t know what to do. I never experienced this with my first and it just seems everyone is telling me something different.

I called the on-call OB yesterday because I was getting cramps that were so painful and I could time them and had this horrible backache BUT my belly wasn’t getting hard it’s just these menstrual feeling cramps. It literally feels like she’s pushing down into my vagina and I didn’t want to take my son into the hospital with me. But I drove myself and my sister met me there. (My husband was st work 😔)

When I tell you this was the worst hospital experience of my life 🙃

So the nurse hooked me up and told me I have an irritable cervix and then said the babies heartbeat was high but they can look at it on the ultrasound if they need to be. Then came in and I asked her if baby looked better and she said she never said that. Then said the cramping could have happened if I was dehydrated or had a kidney infection so she was going to get me water and ice. I gave her a sample.

Then here’s the kicker the doctor told her I didn’t need water because I didn’t have a kidney infection... like okay... but I still want the water... Then the doctor came in— And tried giving me a cervical exam in front of my stepdad and sisters bf!! After i told him I wanted everyone out and I’m like uhhhh wait a minute?! he literally ignored me told me to open wider and the student nurse was like she said she wants everyone out and I just kept my legs shut.

He also was like you’re not contracting even though they just had told me to wait because I was and then asked why are you here then?

Then he was like just drink water and left and my sister saw him leave and just go outside and eat a bagel like I was inconveniencing him from eating.

They didn’t give me anything and I’m still crampy and my back ache is out of this world. He said I wasn’t dilated so idk what to do. I KNOW I’m hydrated but the pain I’m in is literally going to bring me to tears. I feel like I’m gonna need Tylenol every day until she’s here 😓

Pic of my chart from yesterday