Straight talk phone plan UPDATED PLS HELP

When I was a teenager I remember having to buy these straight talk phone cards for our phones.

These are the ones I used to buy^^

Okay so a friend of mine was paying for my phone contract through at&t for a while and now I want to start paying my own phone bills, but I don't want to be on a contract (I'm worried I won't be able to pay monthly fees on time)

So I thought about using straight talk again since I'm familiar with it I guess?

And it all seemed so easy in my head, like I could just go buy that card and use it on my phone..

(Side note, I had A LOT of phones as a teenager, for various reasons, and I still have a few of my old ones 🤣)

But all my old phones were through random different company's like Motorola, Verizon, at&t, Sprint..

The only phones I couldn't use straight talk for then was a Galaxy phone through Sprint because they couldn't unlock it? And an iPhone.

So I bought that card, the one above. And I tried to use it on my at&t phone. Apparently it needs to be unlocked and I have to buy something that's like $50 to activate it.

I didn't think it was so difficult..

I tried using the card I bought on one of my old phones that I used straight talk on before instead of my current phone, and it says it's not thru them now? Does that mean I have to activate it too?

I'm so confused help I'm sorry


my old phone I was talking about still has a text from straight talk when I was using them in 2015 so why doesn't it work anymore???


Since the phone has been off for so long the number has probably been used for someone else by now right? Cause I tried refilling that phone number before I realized that and maybe that's why it didn't work? But how would I know the phone number now if it doesn't work and the company had to like change it??

I'm sorry I never got to prepare for normal life