Toddler got ahold of weed

I’m so beyond embarrassed to post this.

Last night my husband left out a small bag of weed and in the middle of the night my 18 month old woke up and got ahold of it.

He never wakes up in the middle of the night like that and my husband rarely smokes so it was the perfect storm. I woke up and caught him holding a piece that was wet so I’m sure it was in his mouth. I woke my husband up and he said it didn’t look like any was missing other then the piece he had in his hand. He didn’t act funny and I have no idea how long he was up messing with it.

Tomorrow is his 18 month check up and they will be testing his blood for lead and other things. I don’t know if they drug test the blood, but I’m TERRIFIED the weed will show up. I don’t know anything about how long it can stay in a system or if putting it in your mouth does anything, but I’m so scared guys. I’m scared CPS will get involved. This was a ONE TIME thing. Like I said my husband rarely smokes, but now he doesn’t want to do it again because of this!

I’m thinking I’m going to reschedule the appointment in hopes that if any weed did stay in his system it will pass. Has anyone been in this situation or has any advice?