I just want to be pregnant

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⚠️ mention if pregnancy loss⚠️

Alright so in 2018 I found out I was pregnant on mother's day, I was over the moon. My fiance and I had been trying for going on 7 months. I found a doctor in the first week of finding out, had my first appointment to confirm my pregnancy and everything went well.my next appointment I was able to see my baby, and everything was surreal I saw my little jelly bean at around 8 weeks. At 10 weeks I went in to hear my little ones heart beat and there was nothing, my heart sank but my doctor told me it was normal, he shrugged it off and had me go home. On the way home I started to experience some cramping but I was told that it's normal and not to worry to much about it. Well at 1am July 10 I got up to use the restroom, when I wiped it was just blood and I knew, I knew I was losing my baby. I woke my fiance up, to tell him in a panic through all the tears he knew, he knew what was going on and we cried. First thing in the morning we went to the ER for them to confirm it, and the lovely hospital we were in plays music every time a baby is born so everyone in the hospital knows, the music played and I cried, the music played again and I again cried because these women are giving birth to beautiful healthy babies and mine was gone well the music played again as the nurse was in my room and I looked her dead in the face and said "can we try to hurry? I'd like to go home. That music has played 3 times in the 3 hours I have been here and I just want to leave." She says that unfortunately they have to do a few more tests and an ultrasound and I have to take some potassium because my levels are low so I ended up staying there for another hour and a half. Well for 2 months after my miscarriage I took birth control, not wanting to put my body through that stress. We started trying again in October 2018 we are now going on 10 months of unsuccessful attempts and honestly I just want to be pregnant. We own our home, we work full-time jobs making more than enough to support a family and I'm so tired of seeing negative tests. Does anyone have any tips or anything that helped them?