Pregnant, not pregnant, or too soon? Help please!

My husband and I are TTC #2. Currently on CD35 and 6 days late for my period (per the app). This app hasn’t been accurate in terms of ovulation days for me and I usually ovulate a few days after the predicted date.

My cycles over the last year I’ve logged have been anywhere from cycles that are 23-32 days. Never over 32 days since I’ve been logging for just over a year. More times than not they’re between 27-29 days.

The last week I’ve had symptoms that seem promising! I’ve been tired- ranging from manageable to not being able to stay awake for anything and when I nap I don’t wake for anything for several hours. I’ve had nausea ranging from mild to intense. I’ve been noticing the last few days that the 2 times I tried to have orange juice, it sounds delicious at the time, even tastes good, but is quickly followed with an overwhelming nausea where I feel like I’m going to throw up (thankfully I haven’t, but the urge stays for awhile). I’ve had headaches that range from mild to intense. I’ve had lower back ache and aches on the sides. I’ve felt tugging and quick sharp pain throughout the stomach a couple of times (not a daily thing). I’ve had cramping that isn’t intense, just noticeable and it usually goes away after I drink water when I get them. My boobs have been sore. Some days anything brushing on them hurts, other days I don’t notice any sensitivity until they’re leaned on and then it’s really painful and sore. I’ve also been moody some days.

I tested the first day of missed period and it was a BFN (tested during the day). I tested yesterday morning, but it was negative. The one yesterday morning was done in the morning, but it’s hard for me to do any test with the first urine of the day as I go to bed late most nights, but regardless of when I do, I always drink fluids before bed which means I’m up peeing a couple of hours later in the middle of the night. I usually have a little to drink after as I keep a drink on my nightstand and I can tell I need it, but I’m up to pee again in awhile usually (even if it’s not much I’m drinking). This means that trying to get the first urine of the day isn’t really possible since I pee all through the night and there’s not a large gap from sleeping through the night without interruption. When I am up so often, I don’t think the “morning urine” for me is any different than daytime as it’s not held all night.

PLEASE feel free to give input or advice in addition to the poll! I’d really appreciate it!

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