Baby shower or no/not getting along with husband or MIL


I’m 30w today! My mil is rushing my baby shower after telling my sister we can’t have it anytime but the end of August because my husbands side of the family will be put out town on vacation... ok fine

I just got of the hospital after being there for 3 weeks thinking I was going to possibly go early.

So my husband says last night “we aren’t last minute people, and my mom wants to know what’s going on with the baby shower?”

I said your people will not be in town most of August and agreed on August 31, which I think is really late considering I thought baby was already coming and I’m high risk and have already been dilated 1cm for at least 3-4 weeks now. What do they want from me or my family

If it were up to me and clearly it’s not I would have liked to have it August 10

If I did that and his side of the family was not in attendance I would never hear the end of it.

And his comment about his family not being last minute people I feel was rude.

If his mother is so pressed maybe she should have offered help or assistance in some way- also it’s been my sis and mom coming back and forth to the hospital to see me and bring me things so their first priority wasn’t a bay shower it was making sure me and the bay were safe!

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