Maybe I shouldn't be upset but I'm pissed

First off, need to state. I'm not close with my M.I.L, she disrespects me, my family, she talks crap about me, thinking my husband and I don't share things like that. All because she still wants him to live at home and it just be the two of them again

Anyways, we told her about our baby last night. We are 7 weeks, showed her the ultrasound and what the heartbeat was, just the basic update on baby. She didn't say much because she knew she was on speaker and I was in the room. Come to this morning, she messages him today... saying "all I can think about today is what MY little one will call me" like she's calling my baby hers!?!? The woman that openly disrespects me, treats me badly, is now taking our happy baby day, for herself. Like I understand being happy or excited, my mom is very happy. But she would never call our baby, hers! I'm so upset...why can't we just have this one thing that she doesn't try to make about her. She turned our wedding into her by telling my husband that if he doesn't spend his wedding night, driving her and her sister around so they can drink, then he was less than a man. Of course he didn't do it but we paid a pretty penny for their uber. Makes me regret telling her...lord knows she's gonna be PISSED when we tell her the name my mom picked. But my mom has had dibs on it since I was a teenager, she's always asked to be called Nana so of course that's hers

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