Pregnant? UTI? Idk help!


So I’m 17 and I’m not on the pill when my boyfriend and I have sex our only protection is a condom. Around two weeks ago we did it without one and he pulled out, I know he gets precum and I was kinda worried but I knew my period was coming up so I would know if I was pregnant. I missed my period and 10 days later I still haven’t gotten it so I went and got a pregnancy test and it came back negative. So idk if it was unreliable or if I didn’t get my period for another reason but I recently have been needing to pee a lot and when I try and pee it feels like it never really empties and kinda stings a bit at the end. This has been going on for three weeks. Ladies please help idk what’s going on or what to do. I had symptoms that my period was coming like bigger boobs and chocolate cravings but no period yet eek

Update: Could a UTI stop my period ?