How Do I Tell Him!!

So I’ve been dating this guy for 3months now. I contracted the HSV virus back in December with a guy I had been dating then. In the genital area......& no he wasn’t on a 90 day hold lol. I just haven’t been ready. So anyway....I’ve been avoiding sex and it feels like the moment could happen any day now. But I haven’t discussed my issue with him. I’m scared, nervous and definitely feel like telling him will ruin everything.

How do I work up the balls to tell him?

I haven’t had an outbreak in two months! And now I do,

I lied to him today and told him my period has prolonged. Which happens to me but he doesn’t truly know that. And we were anticipating about...finally having sex tonight😿

I really like him and after feeling soooo much like trash, worthless, unlovable, untouchable; just not myself anymore. I finally feel appreciated after putting myself down for damn near 5months. Idk if I can continue to not tell him.

What should I do?