Annoyed with in laws nicknaming my son..

Maria • Mommy to 2 girls💕& a baby boy 💙

So, nicknames never bothered me..especially if it was just someone shortening my name, or my daughter's names. Never cared.

But before I found out I was having a MIL said "well I'm gonna call the baby chip! like the teacup from beauty & the beast" so ok, that was weird..but I figured once we found out & picked his name..she would refer to him by his name. Then she told me my FIL is going to call him 'cool whip' I'm sorry! At this point they've known his gender & name since I was 13 weeks. My MIL dropped "chip", but my FIL is STILL referring to him as cool whip..and now my MIL is calling him that, too.🙄 I know I sound stupid for letting it get to me but I can't stand it. If they want to shorten his name and refer to him like problem. But why the weird ass nicknames?! I'll add that I know they just want to have some "connection" or "cute thing" they call him, but come on. Most people who nickname someone an inanimate's because they had something to do with said object.. like if Billy chugged a jar of pickle juice, he might get the nickname pickles or some shit. Lol. I'm just frustrated...refer to my son by his name. That's it.