So confused

So hey guys, I am 21 years old college student with is or was in a relationship with this man. We dated for 5 months in person then I had to leave state with my family after losing my brother. Things went down he’ll then and I made some wrong choices. This man was not the best with me through the “2” years we been together long distance. I met someone else where I live now and we hit is off good. Keep in mind the man who was supposed to be my boyfriend was literally nothing but trash to me but I wasn’t strong enough to leave the relationship. It came down to me cheating on him with this man here. I decided to let him know after and how sorry I was and how much I regret it. It been 2 weeks now and he was so mad which I totally understand and didnt expect any lass . He came down to saying that he needs me back to the state he lived in to work on things and give it a try. Here I am leaving to go to him when I changed my life and school for him to say that he doesn’t want to try again with calling me a where and a slut. I don’t know what to do