Am I a bad mom?

Vanessa • 21. 1 baby, due with #2 02/07/20. Married

So I’m a sahm. We currently live with my mom (my husband and 6 month old) because she offered us to stay so we can save more money and have a bigger down payment for our future home.

Anyways, I’m 10+6 days today, and the past week I’ve been soooooo tired. Like exhausted drained tired. I haven’t been throwing up as much, here and there, but if I stand up I get super dizzy and basically borderline blackout and I get nauseous.

So lately my daughters been going in the bouncer with cocomelon playing on the tv so I can just relax.

My daughter and I wake up around 11am-noon (she sleeps 12 hours) and ya bet your ass I will too especially now.

My husband doesn’t mind at all, he’d rather me stay in bed all day and rest than potentially faint and hurt the baby.

Usually by 4-6pm is when the nauseous feeling and dizziness goes away and I’ll get up and pick up our room and the bathroom and go downstairs to make something light for dinner.

However, my mom called me a “bad lazy mom” for staying in bed most of the day.

My daughter is clothes, fed, changed diapers, bathed and loved. Just because I’m laying in bed because I feel so sick and weak I’m a bad mom?

But yet, when I was pregnant with my daughter my mom wanted me to stay in bed and sleep all day and rest.

& she did as well when she was pregnant with me (says my aunt)

I’m just irritated af, and it’s getting on my nerves.