Does this sound like I have GAD (generalised anxiety disorder)?


Okay so for as long as I can remember I have worried about anything and everything. And by this I mean anything. I can worry about pregnancy even though I have never had sex, illegal content on the internet, family members dying unexpectedly. Stuff like that. But when I get a worry in my head I cant get it out and it stays there sometimes for days at a time. My heart rate increases and I can feel it beating in my chest. Sometimes I will have a short panic attack because of this. It will sometimes effect my ability to concentrate and do normal things that I usually do during the day. Over the past year my main worries have all been medical. At one point I even went to the doctor to get them to look at my breasts and have a feel around because I was scared of having breast cancer. It got to the point were I had to go to see the doctor cos I was that worried about it and all my anxiety about someone else seeing my breasts went out the window.

Does this sound like GAD and if so how do I get diagnosed and helped?

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