Boyfriend deleting messages


Today I was using my boyfriends phone to talk to his mom and I saw he was messaging this friend of his. This kid and I do not get along even a little because he said some horrible shit to my sister. Well my boyfriend has tried and tried to get me to try to be friendly towards him. He told my sister to go kill herself after she made a joke about he and my boyfriend wearing matching boots and jeans. She had just gotten out of the hospital because she had attempted.. He took it as she was calling them gay and just went off. Then online just a few months ago he was on Facebook calling this girl a “retard” after she literally said she had autism.. I can’t stand people like that and I hate that word. So this kid isn’t allowed at our house because I refuse to even be around him. I won’t tell my boyfriend to stop hanging out with him but I just can’t have him around my daughter or I. When I had his phone today I saw they were talking so I looked at their messages and he deleted them. It makes me think he’s doing shit behind my back and it feels like I can’t trust him. What do you think?

Edit: I don’t worry about him being around other women, we run a business so we work together all day and go home together there isn’t any time for him to be around them. But deleting their messages shows he’s hiding SOMETHING.