Baby hungry ?


My boyfriend keeps pretending there's a baby in me 😅😅 he'll pretend talk to him/her, he'll pretend my belly kicks! I do not know why he is doing this. I personally think it's cute I'm not complaining.. but has anyone else been through this ? He gets freaked out when I do it but when he does it It's all fun and cute 🤣 I'm pretty sure he doesn't want a baby right now but for him to even play around like that what does that mean!!?? Does he look at me like I would be a great mother to his children or what? You just don't do that to anyone hahaha 😅😅 ps. We've been together for about a year now! We very close and he's my best friend! Tell me is this just classic goofing around or is he trying to tell me something..👀