Sleep all over the place !


Honestly I am exhausted, Nova will literally not sleep unless my boob is in her mouth. She never used to be like this...sigh. I mean I’d nurse her to sleep and never really was a issue but now I’m basically her dummy. I have no idea what’s going on but it’s tough :( last night she was up from 2-5 as soon as she would nod off and my boob came out her mouth she would wake up crying. I’ve tried patting , rocking , singing but nothing will soothe her apart from having my boob. I really feel like I should start to wean her off from now , I really wanted to get to a year but I can’t take having like 4 hours sleep a night , my eyes burn. I don’t want to give up breeastfeeding yet but how can I solve this issue at night time? I really don’t want to let her cry & I feel really bad when my partner wakes up because he works long hours :( I hate ranting about my girl as she is the best baby ever but this is just killing me here :(

Here’s some cute pics, she likes to kiss herself in the mirror 💖😂🥰