When is it ok to discipline someone else's child?

RealPeachy • DeMorsiers Syndrome Awareness💙 Mom of 2 boys

Hello CC

This might not be too controversial but today a situation arose that made me realize not everyone has the same boundaries when it comes to someone elses child. I wanted to know what everyone thought.

My 1.5 year old was playing in the grass and put some on his 4 year old cousin so my SIL slapped my sons hands and told him to leave his cousin alone. This escalated to us leaving because my husbands family gave me hell for being "dramatic" when I told her I didn't agree with how she responded and such.

So in your opinion, what circumstances make it appropriate to discipline someone else's child? While babysitting, or when it's family, etc? Just tell me what you think.

Edit; I should also add I never agree with it. I think that's no one place but the parents